Download POI or KML or CSV ASAP

February 5, 2017

If you're logged into an account, you can now download POI or KML files and use them however you wish.

The file download links are on our search pages and they appear if you search State or Country. A POI file is really a .csv file that is specifically formatted to be imported into GPS devices (or at least the ones that accept uploaded files). But since this is just a .csv file, you can download it and open it in excel and work with the data that is there. Several times a year, we get college students, working on projects and they're often asking for excel downloads of our data. They can use this technique to grab what they need to get started.

A KML file is used with Google Earth. If you're a nerd that wants to take Beer Mapping Project locations and drop them into Google Earth, then feel free to go nuts with this data.

You can find the links above your search results on the right side. If you take our data and use it in a cool project, please tell us about it. We'd love to promote it and we're also always interested in what other people are doing with this stuff.

Comment below if you have trouble or if you have ideas.

edit: we've learned that if you try to download the entire United States in kml format, the file will be just slightly larger than Google Earth will accept. While we investigate shrinking this file, you should just download individual states.

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