Beer Mapping API

The Beer Mapping API lets you use Beer Mapping Locational Data on your own webpage. Our API provides a number of utilities for grabbing or aggregating our Brewpub, Brewery, Beer Bar or Beer Store information to do things like;

  • Build your own Brewery/Brewpub search engine (like the one here)
  • Display Breweries from your state or city on a page on your site.
  • Display information (address, phone, review scores) about a specific location at the bottom of a blog post.
  • Get the latitude/longitude for a location so you can build your own map to display.
  • Grab the url for a Beer Mapping proximity map that you can embed on your page.
  • The goal of the Beer Mapping API is to allow you to display or use our data on your site and in your own applications.
  • The Beer Mapping API is free and it is in a perpetual beta state. If you wish to use our API you do need to apply for an API key for your site or application.
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