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Foggy Noggin Brewing
22329 53rd Ave SE
Bothell, WA 98021
(206) 396-0798

latitude: 47.794472
longitude: -122.160868
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overall average: 88.33

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Value: Moderate
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Selection: 3.25 | Service: 5 | Atmosphere: 5 | Food: N/A
Curmudgeon's (189) view Curmudgeon's forum profile send Curmudgeon a private message Overall Score: 88.3

It's the same old story.

When asked how they got into the "biz", almost without fail, every brewer says, "I was a home-brewer."

Then the so-called "hobby" mutates and takes control. The kitchen no longer gets used to cook meals but rather beer. Floors and carpets take on the distinctive odors of yeast, bread and tell-tale stickiness of spills long ago cleaned and covered up. Food-stuffs are moved around, crowded together to make room for malts, grains and bottle caps. Until the "other half" cries "Enough!" and banishes the intrepid new-brewer to a garage or other rented space.

Then come the comments. "This is great beer!" "Are you making more beer these days?" "When can I get another beer?" And finally, the last nail is driven in. "You should bottle and sell this."

Like having children, whether they know it or not, life has inexorably changed forever.

And usually all the better for those of us club members known as "beer lover."

The latest to succumb? Jim Jamieson, he of Foggy Noggin Brewing in Bothell, Washington.

Operating a half-barrel system from his garage (wow - what a surprise), he's producing two beers for now; a beautifully balanced English bitter called Bit o'Beaver {'cause ol' Jim is a rapid Oregon sports fan, having cut his brewing teeth in Portland} and the dark and delicious porter, Christmas Duck (See the above explanation.)

The brewery itself sits out back in the yard, an 8x15 foot shack complete with freezer full of filled car-boys, computer full of info and Jim, full of pride.

And he should be! His wife's 1992 gift of a home-brew system (wow - another surprise) has created a neighborhood gathering place. Truly. Foggin Noggin is hard to find (if you've pondered getting a GPS system, this will convince you) lying in a secluded residential area with plenty of land and trees to lull you away from the idea a city bustles below.

Persimmon and I took the "tour" which really consisted of Jim and friends standing around in the shack, uh - sorry, brewery. I was reminded of Tom Hanks in the film "Castaway" after making fire and shouting, "Look what I have created!" He said a few things but mostly just grinned. Why is it that when we want something so much that, when we get it, all we can do is grin at it?

His smile really did stretch from ear-to-ear as he poured his beer-tasters and filled growlers for friends and strangers alike who, when they left, were made to feel like friends.

So thanks, Jim for a WONderful few moments on a Saturday. I look forward to trying, what a fellow traveler called, "the best beer I've ever tasted" - the Castrated Dog, a dark stout made with a secret ingredient -- bourbon {available rumor has it, come June at the Brewer's Festival.}

And even though your allegiance to Oregon is somewhat off-putting in Dawg (Husky) country, I'll let it slide 'cause your beer is so damn good.

reviewed on: 2010-03-24 13:40:01 this review is based off of one visit