Peaks Brewpub

130 S. Lincoln, Port Angeles, WA, 98363, United States
360 452-2802
Latitude: 48.11797, Longitude: -123.43187


Wifi Available
Cask Beer
Indoor Smoking
Available Parking
Beer Pricing: $$
Public Transit
Proper Glassware
Outdoor Seating
Family Friendly
Selection: 3.83 | Atmosphere: 4.17 | Service: 4.08
out of 100
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Based on 3 reviews.
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BrewDad (256)
Tuesday 9th of September 2008 10:25:01 AM
Take a drive to Port Angeles Washington and see the lone Brewpub of the Northwestern most area of Washington State. Right off highway 101 there is Peaks. A small little brewpub trying to make it in a PBR town. They have a small brewing system sitting in the middle of the pub encased in glass so you can watch the boys brew when they are hard at work. I was in the area and the drive up is awesome loved seeing the Olympic range and Hurricane ridge. I arrived after much anticipation for some great beer. We stopped somewhere else for dinner due to hearing they really do not have much food. After seeing the kitchen now we understand why you stop somewhere else have dinner then go to Peaks for a Pint. Yes they have several beers but they where down to one tap of there stuff due to the Great Canadian Beer Festival. So are you saying they do not have enough beer to have some at both places? Yeppers… They had one tap of ESB flowing and that was it. They did have other beer from other great brewers but there stuff was north to Canada. They also have about 20 bottles off stuff to sell there or to go and it was top notch also. I would like to try more of the there brewed beers. I wish Ed was there he sounds like the person to actually talk to. The Bartender nice but really did not know much. I was a tad disappointed with the entire experience. I know I will be back in the area for vacation and seeing the mountains or going to Victoria so I will stop just to see if it has gotten better. But for my money this was not am impressive place. So unless your going this direction for a trip to see the Olympic Mountains and or go to Victoria BC. Don’t waste the gas for this place.
Selection: 3 | Atmosphere: 2.5 | Service: 2.25 | Food: N/A
Tuesday 6th of May 2008 10:26:48 AM
I've visited Ed and Peaks Pub and I enjoyed visiting and sampling a couple pints. This pub has their beer and beer from other well known breweries. That’s a nice touch. I didn’t have the opportunity to try Ed’s famous chili but I had a couple of pints and I liked what I tried. Good Beer. My favorite was the Bad Ass Spruce. A Spruce beer of BIG ABV. It was delicious! If I didn’t have nearly 200 more miles to drive before nightfall I would have loved to have had a second! When ever I am near (+/- about 50 miles ) I stop by to see what’s new! Thanks Ed!
Selection: 5 | Atmosphere: 5 | Service: 5 | Food: N/A

Curmudgeon (255)
Sunday 9th of December 2007 03:19:07 PM
"Not many people get to live out their dream"
Ed Smith should know. He owner of that quote is doing just that -- brewing the beer he likes, his way in little, out-of-the-way Port Angeles, Washington on the Kitsap Peninsula.

It takes a bit of effort to get there but you won't be sorry. Ed is a native Oregonian who found his calling the same way many others have done - hobby first then, people started to talk. Now, Ed & Wanda run Peak's Pub where the locals come to drink, sitting at tables made from barrels & featured in the movie "An Officer & A Gentleman" and talk about the Albenian & the Albatross, two ships once docked in Port Angeles but sunk -- and they wonder why divers continue to explore the wrecks. What's down there?

Ed smiles, puts another pinch between his cheek & gum and serves up a sample of his Rye that's not quite ready to tap but if that first taste is any indication of what's to oh my!!

On tap as well is Wanda Fuca Gold, Tom's Tailgate Red (named for a customer who came in & announced, "Ed you need to make a red! So I did!") and his pride & joy, the beer that won Best in Show @ the Port Townsend Brewfest...that brought a smile and encouragement from Charlie Finkel (who founded Pike Street Brewing & currently owns Merchant du Vin, the largest importer of fine beers in the Country) who said, "keep doing what you're doing. You're on to something" -- Spruce Tip Beer. It's made with...well, spruce tips and the taste is simply indescribable. Drinking a tree? Doesn't sound good, I know but it truly is like no other beer I've ever tasted - at once woodsy and sweet but with a balance of hops & malt that sits in your mouth, on your tongue, in the back of throat with a tangy citrus feel and then disappears. Did you just have a sip? Don't know - better have another taste...and another...and many pints did I drink? Noooooooo.....???

So, I agree with Mr. Finkel...Ed, you just doing what you're doing. You are most definitely on to something. And if you're ever in the neighborhood, hiking the Olympic National Forest or touring the Peninsula, stop by Peak's Pub. Sit a spell. Take your shoes off. Y'all come back now...y'hear??
Selection: 3.5 | Atmosphere: 5 | Service: 5 | Food: N/A

Image credit: Curmudgeon
Uploaded: December 9, 2007 03:22 PM

Image credit: Curmudgeon
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Image credit: Curmudgeon
Uploaded: December 9, 2007 03:22 PM

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Uploaded: December 9, 2007 03:21 PM
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