One Busch Place, St. Louis, MO, 63118, United States
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  • Sunday: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
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Friday 7th of December 2012 01:34:47 PM
On arrival, we entered through a large entry way decorated by a glorious wooden eagle symbol, seemingly made just for photo-ops. Beyond this was an enormous open gallery area filled with cases of AB paraphernalia from the ages. Cool old pocket knives, bottles, logos, and a full sized old beer truck. Since we arrived early we had time to check out all this neat stuff, really getting a feel for the age and scope of one of the early and most successful breweries in the USA. They had a collection of the old German style intricately decorated beer steins that were amazing to look at, and I'm still mad that they didn't have any replicas for sale in the gift shop.

We chose to do the Brewmaster's Tour for a more in-depth visit of the brewery than is given for free to the general public. Our tour started promptly at 10 AM and consisted of us and one nice couple from Canada, obviously big fans and decked out in Budweiser gear. Our Tour guide Jonathan was a very friendly guy and quite knowledgeable about brewing and the history of the place. He started working there before he was legal to drink and was excited to finally be old enough to give the tours. We started out in a cozy room with plush leather couches and a big TV. There was a quick overview of the brewing process and looking at hops and malts. I was passed a canister of Black Patent malt and snarkily asked what AB beer that was used in. The answer was was just to show the potential differences in color of malts. Maybe they should start using some... We received an AB ball cap, protective eye wear and headphones. Once we were all decked out in our gear we started the tour proper.

First stop were the glycol jacketed primary fermenter conicals. These things boggled the mind. I've seen all types of conicals ranging from homebrew 7 gallon to New Belgium's large tanks, but the monolithic nature of these tanks was insane! I couldn't fit a whole fermenter in a picture! It was also somewhat chilly in there. We discovered why we had headsets since the background noise would overwhelm a normal tour guide...we simply turned up the volume and learned more about the capacity of those enormous tanks.

Next step was the secondary fermenters, smaller but still huge. Very cold in here and I'm glad we had coats on! They showed us the large stainless tea-ball apparatus filled with beachwood chips that help with clarification and fermentation of the beer. These strips of wood are boiled to hell first so they don't impart any flavor to the final product. One of the perks to the Brewmaster tour was getting to try a fresh sample of beer right off the fermenter. That day we had Bud Light: brewed at about 8.5% ABV and unfiltered at this stage, it tasted like a cloudy Imperial Cream Ale. Best Bud Light ever! This would eventually be filtered and watered down to its final light beer status, and no longer taste like anything.

A word about the brewery grounds. Massive. That is the only word that describes it. The complex takes up several city blocks and is made up of dozens of huge brick buildings, all of various vintages, shapes and sizes. Some of the buildings are original from the 1890's, others from 1910, and onward. The grounds themselves are very well-kept with gardens and trees abounding. Even the trash cans and man-hole covers have the AB eagle symbol on them. A large clock tower sits in the center of this complex, flanked by eagle-topped pillars.

A bit farther to walk and we came to the packaging building. This was built just prior to prohibition and was initially meant to be used as a hotel if the brewery was threatened with failure. Because of that, there is ornate tile work and fanciful light fixtures. Each corner of the building boasts a large rock Bevo: the man-fox holding a mug and a chicken leg that became the mascot for AB's non-alcoholic malt beverage during prohibition. Bevo also frolics amongst the tiles in the lobby of the building. Upstairs is the bottling line. Even with earphones turned up, it was very difficult to hear our guide inside. They were bottling 40 oz Becks beers that day and I can't even imagine how many bottles there were zinging this way and that on the extensive and maze-like apparatus. Labeling, filling, capping, boxing. One lady was pulling off the low-fills and tossing them into a big dumpster. Green glass littered the ground. That is why they have about a thousand warnings about no open toed shoes in the literature and agreement for doing this tour!

From Bevo, we caught a cool old wood-lined Budweiser trolly to the Clydesdale stables. They keep a few horses here for show as well as a bunch of the old tack and bridles. The majority of the horses are bred and cared for at a large stable outside of town, and travel in air conditioned padded (and big) trailers to their other home and for special events like the Superbowl. Much like the rest of AB's grounds and style these horses are freakishly huge. They stand 6 foot tall at the shoulder, making me feel like a small child next to one. All of the horses there that day were not cooperating with good picture taking and all I could get was a few pics of unusually large horse behinds. They also had three of the red wood and sparkling brass beer wagons that are usually hauled by the draft horses.

To cap off the tour we walked into the large tasting room. Our guide led us through the room past all the coolers and taps and back to the room we started the tour in. "We don't drink with those people," our guide commented. Back in our comfy warm room with big leather couches we were shown to a mini fridge packed full of beers, and told that we had about an hour until the tour was officially over. The regular tour gets two samples at the tasting room, but we could open whatever we wanted. Pretty cool, but would have been cooler if the beers were better!
Selection: 2 | Atmosphere: 4.75 | Service: 5 | Food: N/A

vgatto (442)
Sunday 8th of April 2012 09:12:24 PM
With over 45% market share, Anheuser-Busch is the largest brewer in the US. In 2008 Anheuser-Busch merged with InBev, to became a wholly-owned subsidiary of AB InBev, the world’s largest brewer. Budweiser and Bud Light are the world’s best-selling beers, and AB's extensive product line includes Busch, Natural Light, Michelob, Shock Top, King Cobra, Bare Knuckle Stout, Rolling Rock, ZiegenBock, Wild Blue Blueberry Lager (8%), the Bacardi Silver series, Green Valley Organic series, and a few rotating seasonals. Many craft beer enthusiasts criticize AB because of its flavorless lagers like Bud Light and Michelob Ultra, but don't let advertizing for those easy-drinking beers convince you AB doesn't produce any flavorful beers. For example, I recommend American Ale, Michelob craft variety cases, and Michelob Celebrate (10%). AB delivers a variety of trustworthy ales and lagers to the American beer scene.

Anheuser-Busch operates 12 breweries throughout the US: St. Louis MO (AB's original 1852 brewery), Newark NJ (AB's 2nd oldest 1951 brewery), Merrimack NH, Baldwinsville NY, Columbus OH, Fort Collins CO, Los Angeles CA, Fairfield CA, Houston TX, Jacksonville FL, Williamsburg VA, and Cartersville GA (AB's youngest 1993 brewery). Tours are available at 5 of the breweries: St. Louis MO, Merrimack NH, Fort Collins CO, Fairfield CA, and Jacksonville FL. I visited the St. Louis brewery in July 2010, and I was extremely impressed at the scope and magnitude of this colossal brewery. I took the Brewmasters tour, and got to sample right out of the bright tank. I have never seen so many huge fermenting vessels, and the supply chain logistics is incredible. In addition to focusing on production and quality control, the tour also showcases AB's rich heritage, such as their Clydesdale stables.
Selection: 4.25 | Atmosphere: 5 | Service: 4.75 | Food: N/A

Monroe1ATO (13)
Tuesday 6th of October 2009 09:10:42 PM
Great All-American Mega Brewery even if it is not owned by an American company but still have American Workers! Worth the trip to see. Free Admission and tour. Two free samples of their beers. I have visited the brewery 5 times and love the tour and seeing the brewing process. The horses are great if you have children. You can get a stables only pass if you don't want to go on the whole tour. One site to see on your trip to St. Louis.
Selection: 4.5 | Atmosphere: 4.75 | Service: 4.75 | Food: N/A
Wednesday 28th of May 2008 02:02:14 PM
This is America's brewery. Just drive near this place and you can smell the beer brewing. They offer an excellent FREE tour of the brewery, which was a good hour + long. You get to see how and where they make the beer from point A to Z, with a stop by the Clydesdales in the middle. After the tour, they offer a few free samples of their products. Over the last few years they've increased their selections offered by a large amount. Please sample something other than what you're familiar with. You may like it, and it's free, so no skin off your back if you don't. They also have an AB gift shop on site which has a large selection of AB products for sale.
Selection: 3 | Atmosphere: 4 | Service: 4 | Food: N/A

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