Deschutes Brewery (Pub)

1044 NW Bond Street, Bend, OR, 97701, United States
(541) 382-9242
Latitude: 44.05964, Longitude: -121.31103


  • Monday: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Thursday: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Friday: 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM
  • Saturday: 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM
  • Sunday: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Wifi Available
Cask Beer
Indoor Smoking
Available Parking
Beer Pricing: $$
Public Transit
Proper Glassware
Outdoor Seating
Family Friendly
Selection: 4.59 | Atmosphere: 3.97 | Service: 4.03 | Food: 4.00
out of 100
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Based on 8 reviews.
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Thursday 11th of July 2013 02:05:38 PM
We stopped in here on the first night in town. The food was excellent, and so were the beers. They had around 13-14 different beers on tap, including most of the standards as well as brewpub originals and cask versions. My wife and I each got a sampler and split them, and still didn't try all the beers! The stand-out beers were the Gose (this is really trendy now in Oregon!) and the Fresh Squeezed IPA. That IPA quickly became one of my new favorite beers, hitting just the right note between malt, bitterness and citrus orange flavor.

On the second night we walked back toward our hotel and stopped in for a drink again. I ordered a pint of the Fresh Squeezed since I had already tried all the beers there yesterday and that one was my favorite. I really like this pub and would spend a lot of time here if I had the chance!
Selection: 5 | Atmosphere: 4.5 | Service: 4.5 | Food: 4.5
Saturday 5th of November 2011 02:40:08 PM
We all know Deschutes has come up a lot over the past few year and is right behind Rogue as the most accessible (taste and shelf space) "Macro/Micro" coming out of Oregon. I am a fan of their bomber bottles, especially the Abyss and the Stoic. The Green Lake Organic, Mirror Pond Pale, and Black Butte Porter are always crowd pleasers and solid gateway Microbrews for the Macro drinkers. That said, Deschutes could be accused of over extending itself, but I think if they've got the space, labor and capitol to produce an arsenal of good beers, more power to them. They don't exactly push the envelope, but they make solid examples of the many beers they produce. Bend is a great town with a lot of outdoor opportunities and if you're in town I would recommend a stop at Deschutes to see what they have on tap. The place is always packed, to the point of inducing claustrophobia, the service and atmosphere suffer greatly because of it. There may be a wait to get seated, but if you stick it out, you will experience some of the best brewpub food that I've ever had. Amazing burgers, especially after a long day on river, in the woods or up at the mountain.
Selection: 4.5 | Atmosphere: 3 | Service: 3.25 | Food: 4.75

Rocks2GW (47)
Monday 25th of October 2010 02:07:33 PM
I have been to the Pub a couple of times on my stays in Bend. Although the beer selection is alright the service sometimes is a bit spotty at best, especially if you are flying solo. The locationis a great old building, but that also means the quarters are a tad tight. Every beer and meal I have had here was worth the wait, although I do wish they had a larger bar area. This Pub is more of a eating establishment than a pub in my opinion, but still worth a try.
Selection: 4 | Atmosphere: 4 | Service: 3.75 | Food: 4.0
Friday 22nd of May 2009 01:22:44 AM
My old review is included below so the mighty can know how far they've fallen.

A recent bad expercience at the Portland brew pub reminded me of my last trips to the Bend one and how dissapointing they were. I'll leave the old, good stuff here in the hopes that they will change their ways.

You can read my Portland review for more details - both pubs are almost identical in the recent (2009) problems.

The beer - has gone from excellent and intriguing to well-crafted bordom.

The Atmosphere - continues to grow more crowded, frantic and noisy. To be fair how much can they really help this?

The service, while usually decent and compentent, is overworked. Consequently it is slow and impersonal.

The food - a huge decline. What used to be generous, excellent, inexpensive fare has become small, just-above-average and rather expensive. The worst $11 burger and $11 BBQ pork sandwiches I've ever had were at Deschutes. Unfortunately that's also the ONLY place I've paid that much for such standard pub fare. And they fact that it is half the quality of places that charge half as much isn't helping.

There are worst places out there. But the problems is Deschutes used to be one of the best. Here's to hoping they get their act together.

Original review follows:
Beer - 5
Food - 5
Service - 4.5
Atmosphere - 4.0

If you are in Bend it should be required that you visit Deschutes' Bond Street Brewing Company. You can't complain about the wait because this place is so good there is always a queue of people waiting to partake.

The beers are absolutely amazing. Not only are some battle-tested Deschutes brews offered as comfort drinks, this place (the original Descutes brewery) now serves as basically their R&D department. The experimental brews they come up with will blow your mind! One of note I had was a "Caribbean" stout; it used a lot of cane sugar for fuel. The surprisingly light-bodied stout had all the necessary roasted goodness a stout should have - but the sneaky alcohol could could ambush you if you weren't careful. What fun!

The food was wonderful, so very well done. The service the three times we went was very, very good.

The place is loud and busy, but it's all for a reason. You can't pass through Bend without stopping here!
Selection: 4 | Atmosphere: 3.5 | Service: 4 | Food: 3.5

BrewDad (256)
Thursday 4th of September 2008 08:16:41 PM
This was a great place to visit and the staff was awesome. The food was very good and we loved the beers. I wanted to go here for years and we just enjoyed ever minute of it. The beer on tap was killer and fresh. They went above and out of there way for me tasting beers and made special considerations for my need for certain styles. A super time was had in Bend. They saw me rating beers they gave me extra glasses to take home and posters. What a great place. I will be back.
Selection: 5 | Atmosphere: 4.25 | Service: 4.25 | Food: 4.0

dorandbob (272)
Friday 15th of August 2008 10:18:14 PM
The Deschutes pub used to be Deschutes only location and the only brewery when they started but now the main brewery is on the other side of town. The brewery in the pub focuses on brews made specially for the pub and for somewhat limited distribution in bottles. Two good examples are a dry-hopped version of Mirror Pond and one of the original recipes: Bachelor Bitter.

The place has always been crowded whenever we’ve visited. It runs mostly as a restaurant with tables in several different rooms but there is a bar area with a nice wooden bar with stools and a few tables. The bar back has windows looking on to tap lines and whatnot. Also from the bar is a large window that looks into the brewery and you can get a good view of what’s going on (steam, spent grain, hosing down, etc.).

The food is basically standard pub variety but is well executed.
Selection: 4.5 | Atmosphere: 4.5 | Service: 4.5 | Food: N/A

asg (12)
Sunday 16th of March 2008 12:22:34 AM
Deschutes Brewery & Pub is a MUST visit during any trip to Bend, OR. They always have 12+ locally brewed beers - including beer unavailable at any other location.

It is always quite crowded, so expect a wait for both a dinner table and/or seat at the bar. However, the food is always worth the wait. The garlic burger is my favorite, but last trip I enjoyed the sirloin steak salad which was also excellent.

Check out reviews of their beers @!
Selection: 5 | Atmosphere: 4 | Service: 4 | Food: 5.0

BahHumBrew (555)
Friday 17th of August 2007 01:54:19 AM
This is a busy place, even on a Monday night. We initially stopped for dinner but decided to check out other nearby pubs rather than waiting to be seated. After doing so (and eating dinner) we returned only to end up waiting for bar seating rather than a table. There is a good size bar and counter area as well as many tables for dining. The tap list included 16 local brews so for a nightcap, I had the 20K Imperial Porter which was terrific. We didn’t get a chance to sample the menu this trip so that will have to wait for another visit.
Selection: 4.75 | Atmosphere: 4 | Service: 4 | Food: N/A
Updated bar taps
Updated bar taps
Image credit: BahHumBrew
Uploaded: September 27, 2014 05:32 PM
Behind the bar with a glimpse of the brewery
Behind the bar with a glimpse of the brewery
Image credit: dorandbob
Uploaded: August 12, 2008 01:48 PM
The handpump in action at the bar
The handpump in action at the bar
Image credit: dorandbob
Uploaded: August 12, 2008 01:47 PM
Tap List - August 2007
Tap List - August 2007
Image credit: BahHumBrew
Uploaded: August 15, 2007 01:23 PM
Deschutes Pub entry
Deschutes Pub entry
Image credit: BahHumBrew
Uploaded: August 15, 2007 01:22 PM
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