Walking Man Brewing Co.

240 SW First St., Stevenson, WA, 98684, United States
(509) 427-5520
Latitude: 45.69228, Longitude: -121.88474


  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: Closed
  • Wednesday: 12:00 – 9:00 PM
  • Thursday: 12:00 – 9:00 PM
  • Friday: 12:00 – 9:00 PM
  • Saturday: 12:00 – 9:00 PM
  • Sunday: 12:00 – 9:00 PM
Wifi Available
Cask Beer
Indoor Smoking
Available Parking
Beer Pricing: $$
Public Transit
Proper Glassware
Outdoor Seating
Family Friendly
Selection: 4.95 | Atmosphere: 4.65 | Service: 4.45 | Food: 4.00
out of 100
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JamesYKM (13)
Sunday 2nd of January 2011 12:44:35 AM
I recently stopped by Walking Man on my way home to Yakima from Portland. I had been hearing a lot about the beer for the past couple of years and had even tasted a few in Seattle. I was not disappointed and Walking Man will be on my must stop list from now on. I may even plan a multiple day stay so I can enjoy all their beers to the fullest.

I ordered a taster tray, as I always do when trying a new brewery. Theirs was exceptional with 12 beers on it; 3 IPAs, a Black Cherry Stout, and many more, from a mild Pale Ale to the extreme Homo Erectus IPA. I was glad they only filled the taster glasses half way or I would never have made it home. The food was good, I had the Smoked Steelhead Chowder.

The pub is quite small and the staff and locals are very friendly and quite knowledgeable about NW craft brewing. This is the perfect place for the serious beer geek to pass a day or two in bliss. I can't wait to return!
Selection: 5 | Atmosphere: 5 | Service: 5 | Food: 4.5

88Q (6)
Wednesday 2nd of June 2010 01:02:52 PM
Our several day Portland/Vancouver brew tour was prefaced by our albeit brief visit to this great spot. I wished we could have stayed longer, but three beers, and a fantastic pizza (BOB...if you ever want to share that pizza dough recipe I want it!) was all we could squeeze in this day. But so well worth the visit.

Even in the middle of a Wednesday afternoon, this place was packed. We started with a sample platter, and, honestly, it was too much. We were overwhelmed. And I have never paid as much for a sampler, though I am not sorry. I got to go outside my comfort zone and try new stuff.

Wifey settled on the HomoErectus (yup... my wife loves IIPAs- a keeper!), and I had the KnuckleDragger. Anytime there are Simcoe's involved, that's my choice! Both were great in their own rite, as were all the beers we tasted. All very well done, you can tell there was lots of experience behind each of them.

It's easy to see why their WALKING MAN STOUT and Walking Man India Pale Ale are award winners.

Only thing negative I can say about this place is that 3 pints into my 15 minute bladder meant that a lot of trips to the head meant many trips weaving through the crowd of patrons squeezed into a small aisle formed by the barstools and the people standing at the tables by the windows. It was like threading a needle. And this was midweek, mid-afternoon. Wonder what a "busy" night is like? But, hey... the bathrooms were really cool.

No matter, it is now part of our permanent stops when traveling to the Portland area!
Selection: 5 | Atmosphere: 4.5 | Service: 4.75 | Food: 4.5

BrewDad (256)
Thursday 4th of September 2008 10:29:52 AM
On the same day for Fathers day we hit Walking man and wow this was quite the place on the opposite side of Full Sail on the Washington State side this was still a old surfer town with a great brewery. The food was to die for. It was killer the outside seating was the best and we had a great time. Had some great beers also and the darker they got the better. Same deal the wait staff was all burned out surfers who are there for something else than waiting on people. We will had a great time saw the brewery it was small but was well put together. Be sure to check the times they are open it is later than most places and be sure to check it out inside it is small but cozy. Another must see and for sure I will be back.
Selection: 4.75 | Atmosphere: 4.5 | Service: 3 | Food: 4.0

dorandbob (272)
Sunday 11th of May 2008 03:22:09 PM
The pub is small and at the basement level (albeit a daylight basement). It’s fairly dark (except by the small windows partly on one side). There are several booths, a couple tables, and few smaller tables with bar stools in addition to seating at the bar. The bar stools are innovative metal chairs (made locally) with the walking man logo incorporated in the backs.

The small brewery is tucked off on one side but you can peek in through the window in the door (decorated with a walking man outline carrying a hose and wearing rubber boots!).

The beer is amazingly diverse and true to style across a very broad range. And it’s all 100% professionally done - no off flavors. It’s well worth making an effort to visit this small town (Stevenson, WA) and to visit the pub. We’ve felt welcome each time (3) we’ve visited.
Selection: 5 | Atmosphere: 4.25 | Service: 4.5 | Food: 3.5

Curmudgeon (255)
Tuesday 20th of November 2007 02:18:56 PM
Ever wonder what happened to that long-haired radical hippie of the '60's who smoked a biggest doobie you ever saw in the morning before breakfast then spent the rest of the day protesting...something?
He grew up and started brewing beer.
I found his joint - uh, I mean pub - in little Stevenson just down the road from the Bridge of the Gods and across the Columbia from Hood River, Oregon.
Now I don't know if Bob Craig was that hippie but he sure looks the part with his long salt 'n' pepper hair, bushy moustache & yellow baseball cap announcing he's a proud member of the Brewer's Guild.
He should be proud. From the Flip-Flop Pilsner to the Barefoot Brown, the Walking Stick Stout to the Knuckle Dragger Pale Ale, Old Stumble Foot Barley Wine to the Gold Medal winning High Road Scotch Ale these beers are fantastic. There wasn't one I wouldn't recommend and combined with one of Bob's signature pizzas (wife Persimmon & I had the thin crust smoked salmon)and being treated like one of the family by staff & other customers, this comes mighty close to the perfect pub.
Be warned however! It is small so come early and stick around. Summer times bring music to the beer garden and if you're lucky, George may drop by to play his bagpipes. All the paintings in the pub are his and, hidden in each, is the trademark "Walking Man" logo.
George doesn't say much but he's "wiser than a tree full of owls."
We've already made plans to return & sample those beers unavailable on our first trip - Black Cherry Stout, Big Phat Homo, Homoerectus, My Old Kentucky Homo, Jaywalker Russian Imperial Stout, Street Walker Malt Liquor. Hmmm - perhaps more than one trip will be necessary. Darn. Not a bad thing though to revisit what customer Billie called "Stevenson's Living Room."
Yep. Sure is.
Selection: 5 | Atmosphere: 5 | Service: 5 | Food: 4.5
The entrance to the tasting room & pub
The entrance to the tasting room & pub
Image credit: dorandbob
Uploaded: February 20, 2010 07:15 PM
The taps behind the bar
The taps behind the bar
Image credit: dorandbob
Uploaded: February 20, 2010 07:15 PM
The building from across the street
The building from across the street
Image credit: dorandbob
Uploaded: February 20, 2010 07:12 PM
Brewing tanks
Brewing tanks
Image credit: dorandbob
Uploaded: May 13, 2008 06:29 PM
The entrance to the brewery
The entrance to the brewery
Image credit: dorandbob
Uploaded: May 11, 2008 10:14 PM

Image credit: Curmudgeon
Uploaded: November 20, 2007 02:23 PM
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