Sam Choy's Breakfast, Lunch and Crab (CLOSED)

580 N. Nimitz Highway, Honolulu, HI, 96817, United States
(808) 545-7979
Latitude: 21.31370, Longitude: -157.86969


Wifi Available
Cask Beer
Indoor Smoking
Available Parking
Beer Pricing: $$
Public Transit
Proper Glassware
Outdoor Seating
Family Friendly
Selection: 3.94 | Atmosphere: 4.13 | Service: 4.06 | Food: 4.00
out of 100
Overall Beer Mapping Score
Based on 4 reviews.
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BahHumBrew (555)
Sunday 29th of August 2010 04:03:42 PM
Update 6/2012: Brewery in now Aloha Beer Co.
I've visited Sam's twice now. Once for Sunday brunch and again for lunch during their Beer Festival. As noted by others, you enter into a warehouse but get surprised by a cabin cruiser sitting in the dining area (yes, you can eat on-board). There are also booths and many tables plus a separate dining room further to the right. The brewery is to the left, past the open kitchen and there is only a short bar tucked back in the left corner.
There are typically a half dozen house brews on tap. The signs and menu don't keep up with the brewer so be sure to ask about the current offerings. I like the Ehu Ale and the Black Hawaii Lager (think Schwarzbier) but the James Cook IPA is decent as well.
The re-current Beer Fest features a variety of entrees that were tempting, prepared with their house brews. We opted instead for some of their standards, Crab & Shrimp Louie, Papa Choy's Homemade Beef Stew and Honolulu Noodle Mania. There are many good Hawaiian options for lunch and dinner while the breakfast can be either table service or a brunch option on weekends. I should mention that call this "Sam's Breakfast, Lunch & Crab"
There has been free valet parking for both our visits. As previously mentioned, the free Hilo Hattie's bus is a good transit option but "The Bus" also stops nearby.
Selection: 4 | Atmosphere: 4.5 | Service: 4.5 | Food: 4.75

joelambic (46)
Wednesday 6th of January 2010 02:32:44 AM
When I stay in Honolulu I usually don't have a car and stop here either on the way to or from the airport. The staff has always been accommodating when we walk in with luggage and stow it near the brewery. The other option was to catch the Hilo Hattie shuttle from the hotel and walk over to the pub.

The brewery and bar are tucked away in the back of the restaurant. Decor is industrial. Beer quality ran the gamut; some good, some OK, some not so good. The food, however, is what one would expect for a Sam Choy's restaurant. Lots of island offerings including poke, kalua pork, and loco moco.
Selection: 3.75 | Atmosphere: 4 | Service: 4 | Food: 4.0

BrewDad (256)
Thursday 11th of September 2008 06:01:50 PM
Wow Sam Choy’s Big Aloha was not what I thought it was going to be. No recommendations about this place and it turned out to be very cool, nice easy warehouse atmosphere with huge and great food. The beers some great, some good, and some not so good. Just like anywhere else. The servers once seeing I was rating took extra care to give me more knowledge of the beers and such. A great place but beware they only have night time valet parking. So send the family to Hilo Hattie’s park there walk 100 yards and go drinking.
Selection: 4.25 | Atmosphere: 4 | Service: 3.75 | Food: 3.5

Chuckee (43)
Sunday 19th of August 2007 02:25:54 PM
Review for a visit a couple years back.

This place is great. Located just off of the main highway which connects Honolulu and Pearl Harbor, Sam Choy’s is easy to find. Parking can be a bear at times. If it’s a problem, shop at Hilo Hatie’s across from the street, then cross over and have a meal/beer at Sam’s.

The food offered is very eclectic-American burgers, seafood, Asian fusion to name a few. The food is very good and they give HUGE portions. Prices are decent by mainland standards, cheap by Hawaiian standards. A quirk of the place, there are several hand-washing stations located throughout the restaurant.

The beer is pretty good, nothing to make you write home, but definitely not disappointing. They do the sampler thing, if requested.

I will definitely go back.
Selection: 3.75 | Atmosphere: 4 | Service: 4 | Food: 4.5
Guess where these are
Guess where these are
Image credit: BahHumBrew
Uploaded: August 9, 2010 02:12 AM
Special cabin seating
Special cabin seating
Image credit: BahHumBrew
Uploaded: August 9, 2010 02:11 AM
Brew List 08/10
Brew List 08/10
Image credit: BahHumBrew
Uploaded: August 9, 2010 02:10 AM
Image credit: BahHumBrew
Uploaded: August 9, 2010 02:09 AM
Brew kettles
Brew kettles
Image credit: BahHumBrew
Uploaded: August 9, 2010 02:09 AM
Backside from eastbound Nimitz Hwy
Backside from eastbound Nimitz Hwy
Image credit: BahHumBrew
Uploaded: December 14, 2009 11:44 AM
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