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August 2008

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LocationTypeCity, State/ProvinceReview ScoreDate
Piece Brewery and Pizzeria Brewpub Chicago, IL 51.7 Apr 28th, 2010
Shoreline Brewery And Restaurant Brewpub Michigan City, IN 76.7 Aug 17th, 2008
Stonefly Brewing Company Brewpub Milwaukee, WI 93.3 Aug 17th, 2008
Power House Brewing Co. Brewpub Columbus, IN 55.0 Aug 17th, 2008
Shady Grove Meadery Brewery Lake City, TN 96.7 Aug 17th, 2008
Arcadia Brewing Company Brewpub Battle Creek, MI 88.3 Aug 17th, 2008
Bilbo's Pizza Brewpub Kalamazoo, MI 75.0 Aug 17th, 2008
Downtown Grill and Brewery Brewpub Knoxville, TN 90.0 Aug 4th, 2008
Dark Horse Brewing Company Brewpub Marshall, MI 91.7 Aug 4th, 2008
Calhoun's Microbrewery Brewpub Knoxville, TN 88.3 Aug 4th, 2008
Depot Street Brewing Brewery Jonesborough, TN 91.7 Aug 4th, 2008