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June 2008

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LocationTypeCity, State/ProvinceReview ScoreDate
Naked City Brewery and Taphouse Brewpub Seattle, WA 80.0 Mar 7th, 2009
Scuttlebutt Brewing Company Brewpub Everett, WA 85.0 Mar 7th, 2009
McMenamins Mill Creek Brewpub Mill Creek, WA 83.3 Feb 9th, 2009
Ellersick Brewing Company Brewpub Lynnwood, WA 95.0 Jan 23rd, 2009
Hale's Ales Brewery and Pub Brewpub Seattle, WA 83.3 Nov 20th, 2008
Barking Dog Alehouse Beer Bar Seattle, WA 96.7 Sep 4th, 2008
Diamond Knot Pub and Brewery Brewpub Mukilteo, WA 100.0 Sep 4th, 2008
Pike Pub and Brewery, The Brewpub Seattle, WA 95.0 Jun 5th, 2008
F.X. McRory's Steak, Chop and Oyster House Beer Bar Seattle, WA 76.7 Jun 5th, 2008
Collins Pub Beer Bar Seattle, WA 86.7 Jun 5th, 2008
Elysian Tangletown Brewpub Seattle, WA 96.7 Jun 5th, 2008
Silver City Restaurant and Brewery Brewpub Silverdale, WA 90.0 Jun 3rd, 2008
Ram Restaurant and Brewery - Northgate Brewpub Seattle, WA 93.3 Jun 3rd, 2008