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June 2008

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LocationTypeCity, State/ProvinceReview ScoreDate
Mackinaw Brewing Company Brewpub Traverse City, MI 76.7 Jun 9th, 2008
Dark Horse Brewing Company Brewpub Marshall, MI 81.7 Jun 9th, 2008
North by Northwest Restaurant and Brewery Brewpub Austin, TX 91.7 Jun 9th, 2008
Ashley's Restaurant and Pub - Ann Arbor Beer Bar Ann Arbor, MI 88.3 Jun 9th, 2008
Short's Brewing Company Brewpub Bellaire, MI 95.0 Jun 9th, 2008
Grizzly Peak Brewing Company Brewpub Ann Arbor, MI 95.0 Jun 9th, 2008
Arbor Brewing Company Brewpub Ann Arbor, MI 86.7 Jun 9th, 2008
Shoreline Brewery And Restaurant Brewpub Michigan City, IN 56.7 Jun 9th, 2008
Right Brain Brewery Brewery Traverse City, MI 73.3 Jun 9th, 2008