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January 2011

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LocationTypeCity, State/ProvinceReview ScoreDate
49th State Craft Brewing Company Brewpub Anchorage, AK 100.0 Aug 22nd, 2021
Anchorage Brewing Company Brewery Anchorage, AK 83.3 Aug 22nd, 2021
Workshop Brewing Co Brewpub Traverse City, MI 96.7 May 15th, 2018
North Peak Brewing Company Brewpub Traverse City, MI 71.7 May 15th, 2018
Brewery Vivant Brewpub Grand Rapids, MI 91.7 Oct 17th, 2017
Cranker's Restaurant and Brewery - Grand Rapids Brewpub Grand Rapids, MI 36.7 Jul 25th, 2017
Founders Brewing Company Brewpub Grand Rapids, MI 98.3 Jul 25th, 2017
BBC 3rd and Main Brewpub Louisville, KY 81.7 Jun 27th, 2017
Erie Brewing Co. Brewery Erie, PA 93.3 May 24th, 2011
Ellicottville Brewing Co. - Ellicottville Brewpub Ellicottville, NY 36.7 May 24th, 2011
Blue Canoe Brewery Brewpub Titusville, PA 90.0 May 24th, 2011
Sprague Farm and Brew Works Brewery Venango, PA 56.7 Apr 5th, 2011
Barley's Smokehouse Brewpub / Ale House No. 2 Brewpub Columbus, OH 80.0 Apr 5th, 2011