Tools and Applications

(You may be interested in our Mobile Applications page.)

The Beer Mapping Project offers you a large library of ways for interacting with our maps and reviews. Using our many customizable RSS or XML feeds you can aggregate upates from the site or gather up recent location reviews.

We also offer ways to interact with The Beer Mapping Project while on the go via your mobile phone or palm held devices. From Google Mobile Maps to a full featured Mobile version of the site, you should definitely bookmark some of our pages on your phone.

Those users with blogs or personal websites may also find helpful tools that The Beer Mapping Project provides for them to be able to display information that can tie their other sites to their user account here on this site. There are Beer Mapping Badges and Widgets available for based sites as well as, and sites.

Take some time to check out the ways that you can interact with The Beer Mapping Project. If you have any ideas about future functionality or other applications you would like to see offered, feel free to let us know.

Programmers: Check out the Beer Mapping API.

RSS and Syndication Options

RSS FeedsWe have quite a few ways for your to subscribe to Beer Mapping Project updates. Check out this detailed page for descriptions of all of the feeds and a bit more detail on how you can best use RSS feeds:
RSS and Syndication Options

Mobile Functionality

It's tiny, like your phone!
The Mobile Lookup page is simply a scaled down version of our regular location search functionality here on the main site. We’ve set up our Mobile Lookup page to be a very easy to remember url: (the M is for mobile).

We also have set up some Mobile Map functionality that is now linked from the Mobile Maps Lookup page. You can read more about the Mobile Map functions click the following link:
Mobile Maps and Applications

Reviews, score breakdowns, weather, traffic and maps are all available through the url. We’ve even included a tiny version of the regular forums as well if you like to participate in discussions while on the go. As far as we are aware, there isn’t a beer based website around that is providing the level of mobile functionality that The Beer Mapping Project is giving you. Recently we’ve also integrated Twitter into our mobile application (read below to see how).

iGoogle Recent Review Map map
We also have a map that you can drop into your google homepage if you want.

You can see a similar example to the type of map you’ll get if you can see the map on the sidebar to the right. To get a map like that for your google homepage, you can click the little google icon beneath the map. Or you can click this button below:
get a map for your google homepage

iGoogle Location of the Day Location of the Day
You can also hook up your Google Homepage with our Location of the Day gadget.

Basically, it updates once a day (midnight Central US time) with a location in our database. If you’re too lazy or you do not have a computer, you can simply bookmark the Location of the Day page. If you do have a google homepage, click this button below to add this to your page:
get this gadget for your google homepage

Our Location of the Day is also available via twitter updates. Follow it

iGoogle Search

If you use the google homepage to manage rss feeds and keep up with news or weather, then you could also add The Beer Mapping Project’s location lookup widget onto that page.

iGoogle Example

Simply head to this link (make sure you are logged in) and click to add the widget to your homepage. Obviously it works like other widgets and allows you to move it around the page to the location of your choosing. Once you have it set up, you can use it to search for Breweries, Brewpubs, Beer Bars or any of the other locations in the database.

Twitter + Beer Mapping

If you use then you may want to check out how we have integrated Twitter’s API into our Beer Mapping Mobile site. We have maps, and forum signatures that can be derived from your personal twitter feed.

Click here to read more.

beerinator's twitter + beer map

Browser Quicksearches

There are several different ways for you to add quick searches to your web browser. We started by setting up a firefox tutorial and we have a firefox quicksearch tutorial located here.

But since firefox is not the only browser available on the web, we have also found ways that you can add other types of quick searches into your day to day browsing experience. There is a page here that gives you some information about how to quickly set up a quick search for Internet Explorer, Opera and Firefox here.