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Have a GPS Unit? Have a hunkering for good beer? We now are offering a Lifetime Subscription for the ability to download Point of Interest (POI) files from The Beer Mapping Project.

Find 15 dollars and send it in. We will upgrade your site account (you need to be registered with a username) so that you are able to download custom POI files via a Location Lookup search.

Search for a city name that you plan to travel to and you can get back a POI file in csv format. You can narrow that search by location type, so you could build a custom POI file for Brewpubs for Portland, Oregon if you want.

In the near future, this POI functionality will be crossed over into the proximity search as well. So subscribers will be able to build a file for use in their GPS system containing locations from the database within a certain distance of another location.

All in all, we wish to build out the best system possible for a thirsty beer traveller to find his or her next pint or bottle.

Click the image below to see an example of the file format when opened in Excel.

Note: Once your subscription has been paid for, there will be a small delay before your account becomes activated. Our team will need to manually tie your purchase in with the required username. If you forget to enter your username into the proper form, we will have to contact you via email to set your account up properly. Please double check that you are using the correct email address.

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