Groggs / Pinnacle Brewing Company    

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Groggs / Pinnacle Brewing Company
1653 N Carbonville Rd
Helper, UT 84501
(435) 637-2924

latitude: 39.625053
longitude: -110.842330
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overall average: 72.78

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Value: Moderate
Averaged from 3 reviews.

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Selection: 4.25 | Service: 4.5 | Atmosphere: 4.75 | Food: 4.25
Curmudgeon's (189) view Curmudgeon's forum profile send Curmudgeon a private message Overall Score: 90.0 this is the high score for this location

Moving #2 son to Colorado in the summer was a 5-6 day excursion that we (the family) had looked forward to. He was off to Med School outside Denver and, having introduced him to good beer over the past coupla years, he had taken it upon himself to map out our route through each state, marking every single one of the breweries and brewpubs with hopes of visiting as many as the days would allow. We knew we weren't gonna get 'em all, but we were gonna try!

Pinnacle Brewing in little out-of-the-way Helper was a tough find. Nothing on the Internet, at least that showed the place actually existed although there were some references. So when we got close, we stopped and asked at the local grocers. He scratched his head, bend over to cut some meat, looked up and said:
"Yeah...yeah...I think you're talking about Grogg's. Back down the highway about 2 miles...take the turn-off...go another 2 miles and she'll be right there. Can't miss her!"
Back to the meat.

He was right. Couldn't miss it. Not with the Sheriff's car parked out front!

This little spot was jumping on this Wednesday afternoon. The lunch crowd appeared to be a conglomeration of locals and tourists. Every table was full so something had to be right.

We sat at the bar to enjoy our 8-beer sampler of a Hefe, Amber, Porter and Pale Ale that might have been one of the best I've ever had; not too hoppy with layers of different citrusy flavors yet full and rich with a slight sweetness and does not usual come with this type of beer. An 8-page menu full of different kinds of burgers and pizzas and sandwiches proved why folks in know about Grogg's, come here to eat. Might even be the "happening" place on a Friday or Saturday night.

Or course with the local gendarme sitting a mere 10 yards away trading fishing stories with his companion, we took more time than normal to finish our samples and make sure we were okay to drive. Apparently that wasn't necessary when the partner looked up, smiled at us and said:
"Don't worry about finishing your beer. The Sheriff here drinks on the job."

We laughed, believed him, traded some pleasantries and a few jokes...but still waited until he left first!

We did not find much to recommend Utah to anyone for anything...but Grogg's? Well Grogg's and only Grogg's would rate another visit.

Wonder if they have an airport?
reviewed on: 2010-09-23 16:29:49 this review is based off of one visit
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Selection: 3.5 | Service: 3.75 | Atmosphere: 3.25 | Food: 4.0
BahHumBrew's (501) view BahHumBrew's forum profile send BahHumBrew a private message Overall Score: 70.0

We landed in Helper just before noon and were lucky to beat the midday rush. It’s a small place and split between the bar area and a family restaurant. We got a corner table away from the central bar and I was sippin’ beer as the place filled up with locals. The lunch special sandwich along with a porter was a bargain. The tap list included six styles, three were variations of their wheat hefe. There aren’t a lot of craft brew options along this stretch of the road so this is a worthwhile stop if you are in the area. Open parking the surrounding business’ lots.
reviewed on: 2009-08-23 15:07:45 this review is based off of one visit
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Selection: 3 | Service: 2.75 | Atmosphere: 3 | Food: 3.5
BrewDad's (256) view BrewDad's forum profile send BrewDad a private message Overall Score: 58.3 this is the low score for this location

This was a very interesting place to stop for our first on our trip headed to Colorado. This was a small one horse town with not much going on. One can see this is a place frequented by the rednecks in town. I am sure they are more likely to drink PBR, Coors and such. We where greeted with no one in the place and to find out they do not even brew there beer and they contract out with Uinta Brewers. The beer was light and not very full of life. The food was good but a tad off. The service well she needs to find that ticket out of town and move to Broadway they need people like her. The place was quant, quite and just off the wall place to eat at. Glad this was the first on out tour. East Bound we are headed now.
reviewed on: 2008-09-04 14:42:31 this review is based off of one visit