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Green Eye Lounge
2403 W. Homer
Chicago, IL 60647
(773) 227-8851

latitude: 41.916561
longitude: -87.688309
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overall average: 76.67

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Value: Moderate
Averaged from 3 reviews.

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Selection: 3 | Service: 3.5 | Atmosphere: 4 | Food: N/A
emerge077's (340) view emerge077's forum profile send emerge077 a private message Overall Score: 70.0

Located conveniently under the Western stop on the CTA Blue Line. Look for the giant green circle mural, or the Anchor neon in the window.

During the afternoon or early evening this is a pretty relaxing place. Tall narrow windows, dark walls with some interesting paintings around, and pressed tin ceiling panels. They have a few games available if you ask, Scrabble for instance. High tables with a couch or two here and there, with a long bar to the left when you walk in. Later at night, it can get a little crowded and meat markety. Expect to wait for a beer if it's remotely busy.

Taps are listed in chalk on the wall behind the bar, and they have a small list of bottles. Most of the highlights are micros, such as a lone FFF tap, usually Gumballhead or RtB. Kind of typical otherwise, Goose Honkers, Anchor Steam, Summit Hefe. PBR reigns supreme for the cool kids. Worth a quick stop if you are leaving the train station, on your way to the Map Room, a few blocks east on Armitage up the street.
reviewed on: 2010-06-04 20:04:44 this review is based off of 2 or more visits
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Selection: 4 | Service: 3.75 | Atmosphere: 4.5 | Food: N/A
stoptime's (15) view stoptime's forum profile send stoptime a private message Overall Score: 81.7 this is the high score for this location

This has become my neighborhood bar. I tend to go during the week or early on weekends, so I can't vouch for the typical weekend night crowd. The bar tenders can vary, most have been there awhile. There are a couple I know, and are very cool. There are also one or two that can be a bit aloof, but that's not too big a deal to me as I don't chat up the workers much.

Beer wise, while it's no Map Room, they always have something good on tap. Old 38 Stout is always available, and they tend to have a seasonal Bells (as of this review, it's Best Brown, yummy). They tend to have Three Floyds' Gumbalhead and a Lagunitas selection too. Surprisingly, no Half Acre. Bottles are decent, they often offer a couple select bombers. Prices have gone up a bit, but not too much. A craft pint will typically run $5.25.

For a corner bar, I think the atmosphere is perfect. Good, non-trendy music, brick and wood, and I love the soft green light behind the bar. The crowd tends to be cool and mellow, with minimal d-bags and hipsters - a great after work/end of the week place to grab a pint.
reviewed on: 2009-10-09 11:15:16 this review is based off of 10 or more visits
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Selection: 4 | Service: 3.75 | Atmosphere: 4 | Food: N/A
beerinator's (126) view beerinator's forum profile send beerinator a private message Overall Score: 78.3

We stopped at the Green Eye a few days ago while transferring from one of the annoying Blue Line Shuttle busses. We were walking by and we said, "Hey, Green Eye, want to stop there?" and we did.

They have 10 or so taps, most of them craft. They then have a pretty decent bottle list and they seem to focus quite a bit on regional and craft beer. I did notice that if you ordered a bottle, you had to ask for a glass. But at least the glasses weren't frosted!

The crowd seemed like they were neighborhood people and a few of the people who walked up to the bar for service appeared to know the bartender.

There is really no parking here since it is so close to the EL. But it is really close to the Western Stop so if you are thirsty when getting off the train you could stop here. The taps will be different from the Map Room, not a better selection or anything, but if you wanted to stop here first or after the Map Room that wouldn't be a bad idea.
reviewed on: 2009-06-22 19:59:30 this review is based off of one visit
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Selection: 3.5 | Service: 2.25 | Atmosphere: 4.25 | Food: N/A
uuunk's (2) view uuunk's forum profile send uuunk a private message Overall Score: 66.7
this user does not have enough reviews for this score to count this is the low score for this location

Decent beer selection. Has more than import macro brews but traditional selection of local micro's (3 Floyds, Kalamazoo, 2 Brothers?). Prices are pretty standard (5 bucks for micro, 2.50 PBR).

Ambiance-wise, the place is pretty cool. Brick walls adorned with art, green lights turned. Not too classy, not to dive-y, just right.

Crowd tends to be around 25-35, serious, gritty, and city-hardened. Everyone minds their own business.

They have a bunch of games but I have not played them (nor have I seen anyone else) so I can't vouch for their completeness.

The one downside is that the service can be pretty jerky. There are at least 2 guys there who are in that "I know I'm not going anywhere in my life and I've been doing this forever so I really have no choice but to be a dick" mode. Although, I should say, the last 2 times I've been there they were pretty cool. My roommates where there and got a lady who was straight up nice!

Right under the north blue line western stop. Only thing that stops me from going there more often (other than the service) is that the Map Room is only a few blocks from there...

reviewed on: 2008-08-06 21:04:09 this review is based off of 2 or more visits