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Dodging Duck Brewhaus, The
402 River Road
Boerne, TX 78006
(830) 248-3825

latitude: 29.789761
longitude: -98.723724
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overall average: 70.83

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Value: Moderate
Averaged from 2 reviews.

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Selection: 0.5 | Service: 2 | Atmosphere: 3.75 | Food: N/A
zackbacon's (5) view zackbacon's forum profile send zackbacon a private message Overall Score: 41.7 this is the low score for this location

I tried this place two years ago despite being warned against it and at first was very impressed, the atmosphere was kind of cool on the patio with the duck 'river' across the road in viewing distance, and I was waited on almost immediately so I set about to order a beer sampler (to be followed by a few pints of my favorite) but it all went down hill from there, I had nearly finished the beers I had before I even saw the Waitress again (someone else delievered them) so I could order food for my wife and I. but the beer was attrocious three quarters of them were completely overpowering with Diacetyl amongst a few other awful problems. They had both an Oktoberfest and a Spiced vanilla Stout or porter and I mixed them up and couldn't figure out which one which, they were both very dark and incredibly cloudy (I assume the slightly darker one was the spiced beer), They were definitely distinct beers so I tried Very hard to figure it out which was which but failed to with the horrible things wrong with it. I didn't get those few pints I wanted too.
I eventually decided on of them had to be a slag pour from a disgruntled or bored bartender and went back, the service was a whole lot better but the beer was still undrinkable.
so when I was invited out to the dudging duck earlier this year by a friend, I grimmaced but humored him. we ordered a beer each, I had a Pale which was riddled with Diacetyl (again) so we left nearly full pints, a generous tip and walked a block over to the next restaurant with a good beer selection.
reviewed on: 2013-03-20 17:33:52 this review is based off of 2 or more visits
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Selection: 5 | Service: 5 | Atmosphere: 5 | Food: 5.0
jjturcheck's (28) view jjturcheck's forum profile send jjturcheck a private message Overall Score: 100.0 this is the high score for this location

So my wife and I went here on our way to Austin on e weekend and we were both very impressed. This place is a very German feeling place from the first impression. Exterior and interior all around. And even the food. To start off I'll talk about the beer. When we went they had four on tap. This is normal considering they brew small batches. Though year round they brew over 20 different beers. So this place is a must go anytime you pass by so can try whatever is on during that time. What we had was very well made beer. Nothing bad in these beers what-so-ever. So good we got a growler. I get growlers most places but this place, the growler beer lasted a lot longer than others I've had. Pricing was average.

The food here was great. All we had really was snack food but that's all we needed. Like I said before about it being German, between my wife and I we had a pretzel, sausage and sauerkraut. I'm not a big fan of sauerkraut so I can't say what it tasted like, but my wife loved it.

Parking. I don't remember where we parked. My bad. I think it was on a street around the corner. So I don't think there is a lot. So you may be walking. But that is ok. The area around there is extremely beautiful and worth a little walk. There's a creek/small river across the street where we saw lots of ducks around. They were out and walking in the street too so WATCH OUT!! Maybe that's why they named the place The Dodging Duck. :)

Service was excellent. Very talkative waitress. Seems they hired a lot of lookers. So if you like pretty girls in tight black pants serving you're beer, then you'll be right at home. Enjoy. :)

I loved this place and I can't wait till I go back. Recommend to anyone I know.
reviewed on: 2012-07-17 18:57:55 this review is based off of one visit
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Selection: 3.5 | Service: 3.5 | Atmosphere: 3.75 | Food: N/A
theburden's (2) view theburden's forum profile send theburden a private message Overall Score: 71.7
this user does not have enough reviews for this score to count

We went to this cool little brewpub on the river after seeing on beermapping that it was close to the grandparent's place near Boerne. They had 4 beers on, a hefe, an IPA or pale, a stout, and a dopplebock. All of the beers were clean and solid. Nothing that would blow you out of the water but they were all to style and were enjoyable. We didn't eat anything but the menu looked pretty good. The day we were there was nice for sitting outside on their covered patio. The brewhouse looked crushed into a garage area and I can sympathize with brewers who don't have a lot of space. If this was our local I think I would enjoy coming on a regular basis.
reviewed on: 2008-09-11 21:02:59 this review is based off of one visit