How to Review

Reviewing Process

When writing your review, please try to be as respectful as possible to the location you are reviewing. There are people behind the scenes of each location that you might be reviewing.

You are required to write more than 75 words in your review.

Note: If you feel that your review could use some more content, we have found it useful to glance through the attributes and comment on those. Most people find it really helpful to read comments about food, parking and transportation and the smoking issue is always a hot topic (for both sides).


Scoring is fairly simple. Rate the location based on a 5 point scale. Food scores will not influence the overall score of the location. The food score is there to help fellow beermappers that follow behind you.


Optional Attributes are helpful, but they do not influence the score of a location. Please consider their relevance to the location you are reviewing, and feel free to comment about the attributes in the text of your review. Often, this is very helpful to others.


Pricing is another attribute for your review. The Pricing option that you choose will not influence the score of this location.
Pricing is simply another helpful resource for people considering a trip to this location. Please select the option that you think most applies to this location.

Other Rules

Please do not review any locations where you are an owner or an employee. Any reviews that are discovered to be created by an employee (or a disgruntled ex-employee) may be removed without notice.

Any reviews that are inflammatory or are deemed to be intentionally derogatory on a personal level may be removed without warning.

Please do not sign up with multiple accounts in order to review a location more than once. Doing so may get all of your reviews deleted and your account could be banned permanently.

Reviewing here is privilege, not a right. Be civil, try to keep the swearing to a minimum and do not try to cheat the system and everything will be all right.