Third Annual National Growler Day

We have declared Monday, December 17th 2012 to be National Growler Day! Get out today, support a local business and buy some fresh craft beer. We started #growlerday in 2010 and for three straight years we have urged beer fans to support their local breweries.

Buy a Growler!

If you’re not already aware, many brewpubs and some breweries across the United States have the ability to sell you “growlers” of their house brewed beer for you to take home and enjoy. Typically, a growler holds 64 ounces and in many occasions you can bring them back for refills (a refill price is often cheaper than a first fill because you are paying for the glass container).

So, we’ve learned that a growler that you purchase today is a reusable container full of beer that comes from a business that is local to you. Who wouldn’t like that?

If you have a brewpub nearby (search here), we’re urging you to visit it and ask for a growler of their finest beer to-go. It’s Saturday, and nothing goes better with a Saturday than some fresh locally brewed beer!

If you use twitter, tag your tweets with #growlerday so we can see who is able to buy fresh craft beer today!