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Beer Location of the Day!

By • Jun 13th, 2008 • Category: Applications, Feature Updates

We have a new Google Homepage Widget ( to release today. This widget simply displays the randomly chosen “Location of the Day”. If you need some more bling for your Google Homepage, check out an example of the blog below and click the “+ google” button underneath the example widget to add it to your [...]

Beer Mapping Informational Widgets

By • May 26th, 2008 • Category: Applications, Feature Updates

We have now added yet another way that you can take content from The Beer Mapping Project and add it to your site. Our newest “Widget” will contain pertinent information about a location in our database. All locations are available to be used in a widget, you simply have to click the proper link on [...]

Beer + Twitter + Maps = Family Circus Style Pub Crawls

By • Apr 5th, 2008 • Category: Applications, Feature Updates, Mobile

Twitter is a one hundred and forty character blog. “That’s dumb”, is likely what you are thinking and I must admit that I was skeptical at first too. But twitter is heavily integrated into mobile and non mobile devices and inputs like text messaging from your phone or updates from your instant messaging program. If [...]

Point of Interest Subscription System

By • Mar 19th, 2008 • Category: Feature Updates, Site News

We have finalized the system that allows users to download custom point of interest files from the Beer Mapping Project’s database. The system is custom built based on the approved locations available via a Location Lookup. The downloadable files are available in comma separated value format that should be able to be imported into most [...]

Beer Mapping Mobile Lookup Update

By • Mar 16th, 2008 • Category: Feature Updates, Mobile

We have updated the Beer Mapping Mobile Location Lookup system ( to include clickable links to a location’s profile page. On this profile page we are now able to include maps that should be viewable on most phones. This part of the mobile system is based upon Google’s newly released Static Maps API. If you [...]

Personal Review Maps for your Blog or Site

By • Mar 1st, 2008 • Category: Feature Updates

We here at The Beer Mapping Project have been working around the clock to bring you our latest new feature. We now have a system that will allow you to have a map to your latest review sitting right on your blog or site (as long as it can accept html code and an iframe). [...]

Tools and Applications Pages

By • Dec 14th, 2007 • Category: Applications, Feature Updates

We are trying to consolidate some of the information available to users into a few locations that will hopefully be easy to find and read. There is now a page on the site called Tools and Applications where you can see a quick rundown on some options that you have for interacting with The Beer [...]

Search the City Beer Maps

By • Dec 5th, 2007 • Category: Feature Updates

There is a new feature available on the city maps. And truthfully, I can say it is one of the best and most helpful features that we have ever added to the maps. Next time you’re checking out a City Beer Map, make sure you notice the google icon at the bottom left of the [...]

WordPress and Blogger Beer Mapping Widget

By • Nov 25th, 2007 • Category: Feature Updates, Site News

If you are interested in tagging your beer (or non-beer) related blog with your Beer Mapping Project stats and information, you can now easily download and install a widget plugin for wordpress or copy and paste some code for blogger. First up will be information pertinent to a wordpress installation. Followed by the information and [...]

Beer Events on the Map

By • Nov 5th, 2007 • Category: Feature Updates, Map Releases, Site News

We have a new system on The Beer Mapping Project that allows us to map upcoming beer related events that have been added to the calendar. Basically, if you are a registered user of the site, you can add events to the calendar. Each event will become it’s own discussion area in the forums, and [...]