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Support Your Local Brewery

By • Apr 13th, 2007 • Category: Beer, Other Stuff

We interrupt the normal Beer Mapping Project postings to bring you something that we as beer aficionados should all be concerned with. The Brewers Association has created a new site, with a new goal. A quote from the new site can say it better than I can. “Support Your Local Brewery is a national, [...]

The Session: The Beer Mapping Project’s Expedition

By • Mar 2nd, 2007 • Category: Beer, Other Stuff

Those of you who happen to be mapping nerds, hopefully you realize that this site is rooted in beer. This post is talking about beer. Today is the first of hopefully a series of Beer Blogging Fridays. Stan Hieronymus, (that’s Mr. Hieronymus for you), has started off with the first Friday by labeling it as [...]

A Beer High Coup

By • Oct 29th, 2006 • Category: Beer

beer haiku daily captain hops deserves a beer must buy him one soon Thanks Captain Hops!


By • Oct 18th, 2006 • Category: Beer, Map Releases

Something rotten is currently going on in Chicago. Our precious Bell’s beers are leaving Illinois, with an uncertain future return date. Here is a short write-up in the Chicagoist that details some of the trouble. In honor of the great beers produced just east of Kalamazoo, Michigan, I have crafted up a Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, [...]

American Craft Beer Week – Go!

By • May 14th, 2006 • Category: Beer

Tomorrow is the first day of American Craft Beer Week! Visit your local brewery or brewpub this week! Support craft beer in your neck of the woods! Click the image to read about how you can find out about beer events and brewpubs in your area.

Read Much?

By • Jan 5th, 2006 • Category: Beer

As a little side project, I’ve been working on a beer based rss aggregator. lilina news aggregator is an open source php aggregator based on the open source rss parser Magpie RSS. What does all this mean? Well, I’m not totally sure, but you can view what I’ve created with these fine tools by clicking [...]