The Beer Mapping API lets you use Beer Mapping Locational Data on your own webpage.

Here are some specifics to the Terms of Use for the Beer Mapping API:

  • There is currently no limit on the number of requests you can make per day.
  • Currently, the use of the API does not require that you state where or how you have received the data. Of course we don't mind if you give us credit or link back to us in some way. But it is not required.
  • We may upgrade the API from time to time and you will have to update your code to match ours. We will give you at least a month's notice via the email you use to register if we make large changes.
  • There are some things that we do not want to see the Beer Mapping API used for. We do not want to see you treat locations in a disrepectful manner. If you have a truly bad experience at a location and you wish to vent your frustrations and at the same time point at that location, this is fine. But please try to be civil and respectful toward these locations.
  • Basically, we just hope that you have simliar goals as The Beer Mapping Project and we hope that for the most part you use our API to promote craft beer as much as possible.

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