Take the June State Beer Challenge!

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Does your home state have a great beer selection? Do YOU think you can complete the June State Beer challenge?

A GABF Medal Infographic from Lyke2Drink.

A GABF Medal Infographic from Lyke2Drink (click for source).

Basically, the rules are simple. To properly complete the challenge, you will only drink beer produced in the state where you are currently drinking. This means that if you have a trip planned to Colorado during June, you will have to consume only beer brewed in Colorado while you are there.

If you aren’t planning to leave your home state during June, then you will have to be satisfied with the selection your state produces. Obviously, this is only for fun. If someone shows up at your house with an eight year vertical of Dark Lord, no one will expect you to abstain. BUT, we think this is a great time to switch your focus to your local craft brewers (and tell others about it as well).

If you need help finding out breweries, brewpubs or great beer bars to visit during June, obviously you’ve come to the right place! Spend some time creating searches or maps on our Location Lookup page.

If you’re active on twitter or facebook, spread the word. If you tweet about the beers you drink or about the June State Beer challenge, try to use the hashtag, #statebeer so others can follow along.

Will YOU accept the challenge?

Please let us know in the comments. And make sure if you comment, you let us know what state you will be representing.

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  1. Sign me up, sounds like fun. I’m representing Washington State!


  2. I’m in and I’m also in IN. This should be fun!

  3. This is great! Awesome NC beer will make this challenge almost too easy. Our homebrew counts too, right? #drinklocal

    Twitter: @BrunoStAujus

  4. If you live in CT and need some help, check out http://www.CTBeerTrail.net for some ideas of where you can get some great local beer!

  5. I’m in, representing IL and I will win!

  6. I’ll gladly drink only Michigan beer in June. I don’t think I’ll be leaving the state.

  7. I will also be representing Michigan for the majority of the month. We’re fortunate to have Founders, Bells, Shorts, Arcadia and many other great craft brewers within our borders. I may be able to sample a different brew each day.

    I’ll tip a few in Virginia the last couple days of June.

    Follow me on Twitter: @BeerWhere

  8. I am so in. NC beer all the way in June!


  9. A little too easy!

  10. Representing Maryland!

  11. Count us in. Looks like we will be drinking a lot of Shiner tonight to make room for Kansas Beers. We will also be in Nebraska, Iowa and Minnesota in June, possibly Wisconsin as well, so we should be able to get a nice new variety working for us. @TheRoamingPint

  12. Glad to see Michigan represented!
    I, too, will be imbibing in the Great Beer State!


  13. Happily representing MI !!!

  14. I will be representing Motor City Brew Tours and the drinking only beer made in Metro Detroit!

  15. Representing MN, @flattum

  16. I’m def up for it!!! MI beer is the best ;)

  17. This would have been more difficult a few years ago, but will all the new breweries that have opened in Texas lately, the selection of local craft beers has increased significantly. Count me in.

  18. I will be representing Texas!

  19. NC Beer Rocks! I am happy to support awesome local beers any time of year. Cheers Everyone!

  20. I’m in from the great state of Pennsylvania, two days down and 28 to go, but I’m traveling to the great state of Tennessee on Saturday and will be there all next week. This is gonna be fun…

  21. Started with Loomis Basin Brewery….California in the the hunt

  22. I’m on day three. This is easy in Chicago as long as no one shows up on my doorstep with some crazy beer from Michigan or somewhere! I am considering a trip to Wisconsin so there’s plenty there to enjoy as well!


  23. [...] Beer Mapping Project (a GREAT website for finding beer when travelling) has issued the following challenge for the month of June: only drink beer produced in the state where you are currently drinking. In [...]

  24. I’m in. I live near Baltimore and am going to Boston at the end of the month. I think it’s a really cool idea.

  25. So far so good! Keep up with my progress here in Austin, TX.


  26. Representing TX! @rsauve1028

  27. I just enjoyed THE GREATER PUMPKIN from Heavy Seas. Pumpkin in the Summer. Nice.

  28. Getting a late start but I’m in the game. Staying in Hawaii all month and the selection of HI brews is good on Oahu. Kicked off at Kona Koko Marina on Sunday. Also I’ll be going to Maui late this month and there are always some great seasonals at MBC.

  29. I could totally do that. Love the beers near me!

  30. I Just finished a Duclaw Sawtooth and am getting started on a Brewers Art Resurrection. Good times.

  31. Flying Dog Woody Creek Wit is next. I like it a lot!

  32. Evo exile ESB. Another great Maryland beer.

  33. 4 posts in a row. I’m either a lush or you all suck! Tonight I knocked down a flying dog old scratch, flying dog snake dog IPA and a heavy seas marzen.

  34. I made one day trip to Wisconsin and drank only WI beers during that quick trip. Other than that I’m totally Illinois so far!

  35. I made it the whole way! EASY!

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  37. OOh Oooh! Pick Me, Pick Me! Representing Colorado – probably the best state in the nation (cuz im a beer girl) and Alabama, which wonderfully has just had the hops freed! – mmmmmm..how i can just taste the new glarus spotted cow and tyranena hop whore now!..
    Quite tasty!

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