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We’ve done a small revamp on our maps over the past week; changing the way they look and altering some of the ways that you may use the maps. We have tried our best to only add features and not remove any that you might be already used to. It may take you a few map viewings to get used to the changes but we feel that you will enjoy the maps more after seeing what we have made available.

First off, the maps now have a nice blue top navigation bar. This navigation takes the place of the floating “main menu” from the older version of the maps. You’ll see that we’ve added the location lookup on the far right of the screen and we have more space up there to add more links to important parts of the site.
The New Beer Map Styling: Click to view.


Map Legend

In the top left, you’ll see our logo and the hideable legend should appear pretty much like it used to. You can still click the “x” to hide and you can click the names/pins in the legend to hide specific types of locations.
Beer Mapping Map Legend


City Map Selection

When looking for a city map, you’ll realize that they are now grouped by regions and hovering over a region will produce a flyout dropdown allowing you to select the city you are interested in.
City Beer Maps Flyout Popup


Registered User Functions

People viewing the maps that are not registered and logged into the site will often get a reduced number of features. If in the top right you see the “login/register” links, this means you are not logged in. Click the links to do so.
Options When Logged out

When you are logged in, on many of our maps (City Maps and Proximity Maps) you will get extra links via little green and red colored buttons that will allow you to only see locations you have reviewed or locations you haven’t reviewed on a certain map. These links will allow you to plot the next location you may want to visit or help to find a location that you may have forgotten to review.
More options when logged in


Toggles and Traffic

Note: If you are looking for the toggles to turn on or off the location list or the legend, those are up in the top right under the map selectors (view image above). We have also added the “traffic” layer to many of the maps, allowing you to plan your trips a bit better.

We hope you enjoy these new features and the new styling of the maps. Please let us know what you think by leaving a comment here or by posting in the forums (or replying to us on twitter @beermapping).

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  1. When I go to the beer maps, the legend only show brewpubs and brewerys, there are so choices for brewstores and beer stors, ect.

    I saw you can remove choices, but I can’t figure out how to add them back on.

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