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Go Mobile!Google has declared this week to be a week where they dedicate time and energy to educating people about the mobile functions and features that they offer. We here at Beer Mapping have also put a lot of effort into giving our users tools to use while on the go. So we thought we could spend a few minutes educating or reminding you about what we have available on the mobile side of things.

We have a full fledged mobile site (beermapping.com/m) with search, forums, reviews and even proximity functions available. And our system also works with all recent versions of google’s mobile mapping software. If this interests you, check out our Mobile Functions page.

Here is what we have to say about our mobile functionality on our tools and applications page:

Mobile Functionality

It's tiny, like your phone!
The Mobile Lookup page is simply a scaled down version of our regular location search functionality here on the main site. We’ve set up our Mobile Lookup page to be a very easy to remember url:
http://beermapping.com/m (the M is for mobile).

We also have set up some Mobile Map functionality that is now linked from the Mobile Maps Lookup page. You can read more about the Mobile Map functions click the following link:
Mobile Maps and Applications

Reviews, score breakdowns, weather, traffic and maps are all available through the beermapping.com/m url. We’ve even included a tiny version of the regular forums as well if you like to participate in discussions while on the go. As far as we are aware, there isn’t a beer based website around that is providing the level of mobile functionality that The Beer Mapping Project is giving you. Recently we’ve also integrated Twitter into our mobile application.

If you have any ideas about how we can better help flesh our our mobile interfaces, please let us know in the comments. We know that many of you will mention or ask about iPhone apps or applications for other platforms. Well, there are some applications under development for iPhone, Android and possibly Blackberry. The only one that we have been working on in-house is the Android application. You can watch a teaser video of it here.

Note: Even though our beers are mobile, we would still like for you to be responsible and avoid drinking and driving. We encourage our users to add any public transportation options to their reviews and if there is no public transportation readily available, please find a designated driver.

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  1. Would be great for the mobile apps to store login & password.

  2. Glenn, the mobile apps do store login and password. If yours doesn’t, then you may have an issue with your browser not storing cookies for this site.

    It works fine on windows mobile, android and the blackberrys I have seen.

  3. Keep up the great work. Any chance we’ll see an iPhone app?

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