12 Sexy Ways to Achieve Satisfaction when Beer Mapping

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Beer Mapping got a mention in the August 2009 issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine! We’ve taken a few small pictures of the article (entitled “12 Sexy, Totally Free Dates”), but if you would like to read more; this issue is currently on the newsstands. As you can see from the picture, we are mentioned on page 120.

Our 12 sexy seconds of fame

We would like to thank the author of the article, Molly Triffin, for including us. In honor of this article, we would also like to make a list of 12 Sexy Ways to use Beer Mapping!

12 Sexy Ways to use Beer Mapping

  1. Use our Location Lookup Page
  2. Bookmark our Mobile Site on your Phone (beermapping.com/m)
  3. Participate in our Forums
  4. Search the Maps by an Address
  5. Use our Proximity Maps
  6. Subscribe to our GPS Point of Information System
  7. Add the Location of the Day gadget to your Google Homepage
  8. Play the GABF Fantasy Draught (Late Aug/Early Sept)
  9. Put a “Recent Reviews Map” on your Google Homepage
  10. Build your own tools around the Beer Mapping API
  11. Use our Beer Event Calendar
  12. Add an Information Widget to your Blog

Here is the cover and a fuzzy picture of the article:
Cosmo: August 2009

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  1. Great ideas.

  2. When will you be on Oprah

  3. This is nice.
    But getting in BUST magazine would have been much better.

  4. I love brewery tours, but I don’t think even I have ever considered one *Sexy*

  5. scene this on cosmo thanks a lot!

  6. I found this site through the article!

  7. Not nearly as sexy, but I found out about you in the article, “What else to do when you’re home for the holidays” in the November Rachel Ray magazine.

  8. Sweet! Thanks for the intel Lyn. I’ll look for a copy sometime today.

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