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You came, you saw and you seem to have voted. The Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery chain was the winner of our little informal poll. With 18% of the votes, they easily defeated the second place spot which was shared by Pizza Port and McMenamins.

A sampling of Rock Bottoms from our uploaded images

Below are the rest of the top ten spots in the poll.

  1. Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery | 43 Votes | 18%
  2. Pizza Port Brewing Company | 29 Votes | 12%
  3. McMenamins | 29 Votes | 12%
  4. Iron Hill Brewery | 24 Votes | 10%
  5. Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurants | 17 Votes | 7%
  6. Great Dane Pub | 16 Votes | 7%
  7. Elysian Brewing | 16 Votes | 7%
  8. BJ’s Restaurant and Brewery | 16 Votes | 7%
  9. Capitol City Brewing Company | 9 Votes | 4%
  10. John Harvard’s Brew House | 9 Votes | 4%

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  1. That one picture looks like the Rock Bottom on State and Grand in Chicago, but that can’t be it… there’s no construction going on all around it!

  2. Ha! Yep that’s the one!

    I guess it’s a couple years old now? Maybe 2007 or 06?

  3. It’s a very interesting pix…

    Its a nice hang out..

  4. I love this poll. Anyone who has ever tried a decent micro brew should know a thing or two about good beer. Massive chains could not brew a good beer to save there lives. It would be accurate to compare all these establishments to Coors Lite. Nice poll but lets get real. These places and that is what they should be called, gave Miller lite a face lift.

  5. D.C. Chophouse and Brewery should have been on there!

  6. Woo Hoo

    179 votes, guess that preety much cements it.
    The fact that Brewpub and chain should never appear in the same sentence?


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