Can you Pick the Winners? Fantasy Draught 2008!

By • Sep 21st, 2008 • Category: Site News

Fantasy Draught Season is upon us again!

There is a little Beer Festival held in Colorado once a year that gives out awards to Breweries. Last year, we decided that if all other sports can have a “fantasy” side where people pick and manage teams, we could do the same with that beer festival.

So our Fantasy Draught allows the registered competitors to select Breweries from the list of entrants with the intent to build the best “team”. A Gold medal winning beer will award the person who picked that brewery with three points. A silver medal equals two points and bronze is only a single point. The competitor who has the most points when the medals are tallied will be the winner and will likely end up with a t-shirt and a book or some similar prizes.

The Draught proceeds in a snake like manner, going up and then back down the list of competitors in order. Then when a brewery is picked by a competitor that brewery is gone for good, narrowing the list by one for the next picker.

The competition is free. You simply need to be a registered member of the site to compete. The slots are about half way filled, so if you want to enter, all you need to do is click here to start the sign up proceedure.

Any questions can be asked in this thread in our forums, or left here in the comments.

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