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If you are interested in tagging your beer (or non-beer) related blog with your Beer Mapping Project stats and information, you can now easily download and install a widget plugin for wordpress or copy and paste some code for blogger. First up will be information pertinent to a wordpress installation. Followed by the information and code needed to get the widget working on a blogger blog or a wordpress.com blog. Scattered throughout will be images so you may just wish to scroll and peep.

Beer Mapping Badge in a WordPress Widget

WordPress Information:

This plugin is actually a widget that gives you the option to add your Beer Mapping Profile information into your sidebar. You will configure this widget easily via the widget management page in the Presentation area of your Administration panel. There are three options as the following image shows:

Beer Mapping WordPress Widget Options

From the above image you can see that you have the option to add the name of the widget and you have a place to type your Beer Mapping user name in order to tie the widget into your Beer Mapping profile. There are also two check boxes. The first check box should be selected if you wish to display your statistics, information and avatar. The second check box is an option that you can select if you wish to display a list of the top ten locations that you have reviewed here.

Either check box or neither check box can be selected. But if you select neither, then you won’t actually see anything. So you should probably at least check one.

WordPress Installation Instructions:
To download and install, simply download from the official WordPress Plugin Section:
Beer Mapping WordPress Widget
Unzip the file and upload bmpbadge.php into your wp-content/plugins/ folder.
Activate the plugin via the Plugins page in your administration panel.
Update and set up your widget via the Presentation>Widgets page.

Blogger and WordPress.com Information
Blogger or WordPress.com bloggers can also have and use this Beer Mapping Badge. Neither of these blogs use the same sort of open widget system as the regular wordpress blogs, but they can still add and edit html into the side bars of the blog template.

You will simply have to copy and paste the following code into an “html/javascript” block when editing your blog’s sidebar.

You have to remember to change the place in the code where it says “YOURUSERNAMEHERE”. Obviously you simply switch that code to your correctly spelled Beer Mapping project username.

<script language="JavaScript" src="http://beermapping.com/beermappers/feed2js/feed2js.php?src=http%3A%2F%2Fbeermapping.com%2Fbeermappers%2Fbadge.php%3Fu%3DYOURUSERNAMEHERE&amp;chan=y&amp;num=1&amp;html=a" type="text/javascript"></script>

The following image is an example of what the code displays as in a blogger.com blog

Blogger.com Beer Mapping Badge Example

Give it a shot and report back if it works or not! We also have a similar application that we are beta testing for facebook. Stay tuned and we will likely be launching that one in a couple of days.

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