Fantasy Beer Draught Wrap Up

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The Fantasy Beer Draught finished up Saturday after the GABF awards were announced. I was able to bring my laptop into the convention center so that we could have on the spot reporting that allowed for live results of the medal winners.

If you want to check out the medal winning breweries or if you want to see our list of the winners of our competition, click here!

Now for the results:
Beer Mapping forum member Swordboarder took home the prize by picking the breweries that won the most medals. Swordboarder’s first pick was the first of the draught and he selected Firestone Walker Brewing Co.. That pick seems to have decided the entire competition since they won him the most points. Three awards from Snake River Brewing Company also didn’t hurt Swordboarder’s march to the top.

Second place went to Tash. Tash scored a total of 25 points, (six less than Swordboarder’s 31 points). Tash even showed up late to the party and was randomly assigned a Brewery as a first round pick. 7 gold medals (many of them coming from Marin Brewing Company) were almost enough to put Tash into a fight for first. The random brewery (Laurelwood Brewery) that he was assigned in the first round also netted him 3 points for a gold medal in Imperial/Double Red Ale.

Our third place position was actually declared a tie shared by Appellation Beer, Evil_Keith and brewcrew.

Picking last year’s Large Brewpub of the Year (Pelican Pub and Brewery) did not give Appellation enough points to work his way above third. All but three of his picks did end up garnering points for his total which put him in the top three.

Evil_Keith may have gone for a safe pick by selecting Miller Brewing Company and that pick seems to have accounted for most of Evil_Keith’s medal count. Miller and Evil_Keith even swept the American Style Specialty Lager category by winning all three medals. One more solid brewery could have really helped Evil_Keith get closer to the top.

brewcrew was out to a strong lead after picking the gold winner of the Pro-Am award (Allentown/Bethlehem Brew Works) and getting a gold and a silver for the American Style Cream Ale or Lager category with Pabst Brewing. But this early start lost a little steam as the competition went on. Odell Brewing Company brought brewcrew a couple of medals, but they weren’t quite enough to beat the competition.

Overall after a few kinks were smoothed out, this was a really interesting competition. Keep an eye on the site for updates about future competitions like this one!

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  1. You might have added that throughout you kept suggesting the Small Brewpub of the Year had not been selected, meaning there are always surprises.

    In fact neither the large brewpub or the small one ever got picked. Redrock won five medals, and almost single-pubbedly would have vaulted a team toward the top of the standings.

    Thanks for all the work in making this happen.

  2. Swordboarder provided us with a list of Points by Brewery. It definitely cast a different light on the results for me.

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