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A new tool has been added to the Beer Mapping Project’s array of options helping you to find your next beer. This tool is easily accessible through the left navigation menu under the Beer Maps section. Or you could simply click the link below.

Beer Trip Planner

There are directions on the page that will walk you through the process of planning a beer trip, but I figured I would walk you through the procedures needed with a few images in this post. This first image is simply a screenshot of what the page looks like when you first load it up.

the tool at first glance

You can see the top and the left navigation on the page does not change at all. The main areas of interest on this page would be: the Search Field where you can type what you are searching for, the Search List, which is the gray block below the search field and the Location List, which is the blue block on the right side of the page.

searching for gooses

As you can see from the above image I have started searching for locations. For this example I am planning a pretend trip from Chicago, IL to Kalamazoo, MI. I have started by searching for the word “goose”, because I plan to start my trip by driving over to Goose Island – Clybourn for a quick visit.

The search engine for this page works while you type. You do not need to press enter or hit any sort of “search” button to make it work. You simply have to start typing (making sure you have more than three letters). Depending on how quickly you type, your results may truncate themselves to narrow down your choices. When the choice that you are looking for is visible to you, you can select that choice by clicking on the “+” symbol to the left of the location’s name. If you want to see where that location sits on a map to see if you should add it to your trip, you can click the location name to bring up another window with a map in it. By clicking the “+” symbol you effectively select a location and you add it to the Location List on the right.

the rundown of the Location List

The image above is focusing on the Location List and pointing out the features on that part of the page. When you get a list of more than 1 location you will see similar options in your Location List.

The number 1 arrow is pointing at the locations in your list. Each location can be dragged and dropped among the other locations to change the order. You also can remove a location from your Location List by simply clicking the “x” button to the right of the location name. The order of these locations determines the order of your trip. The location on the top is the first location you are planning to visit.

The number 2 arrow is pointing to an automated link that is the key to planning your trip. When you have your locations all in the order that you wish to visit, you can click this link and you will be taken to to see the directions for the trip that you have planned.

The number 3 arrow is referring to a link that will allow you to save the list that you have created. This link is automatically generated based on the locations currently ordered above it. If you swap a location, the link will be automatically updated. If you are working on a trip that you wish to plan with friends or if you want to send someone on another forum or in an email a trip you have planned for them, you will want to copy and paste the link provided here.

Since I was selecting locations for this trip very quickly I accidentally got them out of order. But that is no problem since all of the locations in this list are able to be dragged and dropped into a new order.

Moving the Livery into the correct order

As you can see in the image above, I am dragging The Livery into the correct order for my trip. If you don’t really know the proper order for your trip before you plan it, that is no big deal either, because google maps allows you to drag and drop locations too. Clicking the google maps link opens a new window, so you do not have to worry about your list being lost after clicking it either.

Once you have your list exactly how you would like, you simply have to click the google maps link and it will open a new tab or window for you to view your finished map and directions. The image below is for the Chicago to Kalamazoo trip that I was planning and if you click the image, you will be taken to the actual google map that we created in this example.

Beer Trip Planned!

As always, any questions or comments are welcome either here or in the forums!

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