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Finally, I got enough requests from Canadian citizens to Beer Map their fine country. Feel free to click on the image below to see the 199 Canadian breweries that are available in The Beer Mapping Project database. I have a list of 30 or more that I still need to add, so there may be some additions by the end of the week (today is Friday and I specifically didn’t say exactly whether it would be the end of the week we are currently in or the end of next week; therefore keeping my options open just in case I get distracted!).

There are currently no options for searching the database by Province. And there are no options for adding non-U.S. locations to the map. These two features are in progress. If you really want to make sure locations are added you have three options:

  • Register on the forums and post the location in this thread
  • Use our contact form located here
  • Or simply comment to this blog post

I will be much more likely to forget to add the location if you use the contact form, so try to stick to the other two options if possible.

If, after you have scoured the Canadian Beer Map, you still find yourself jonesing for some more beer related Canada stuff, feel free to check out these Canadian based beer blogs and resources:

And if that weren’t enough, scroll down below the map image to read some more facts aboot Canada that I stole mercilessly from wikipedia.

Canada Breweries on the map!

Canadian Facts

  • Capital city: Ottawa
  • Current Beer Mapping Project database entries for Ottawa: 1
  • Largest city: Toronto
  • Current Beer Mapping Project database entries for Toronto: 14
  • Square Miles of Land: 3,854,085
  • 2007 Population Estimate: 32,829,500
  • Breweries/Brewpubs (counting the 30 that I haven’t added yet): 229
  • Percent of Canadians who consider English their mother tongue: 59.7%
  • Percent of Canadians who consider French their mother tongue: 23.2%
  • Canada’s biggest export: Bacon (this is completely made up)

Enjoy the map!

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  1. You missed Brick Brewery in Waterloo.

  2. Awesome!

  3. Acitta: I have tried to enter Brick Brewery, but I couldn’t find the address that I have on the map. I have also tried to go to their website that you’ve linked, but they seem to be having some trouble with their site.

    I will try again tomorrow. Thanks!

  4. Of course there’s also The (Ontario) Beer Hunter

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